Hi there!

I’m Christopher Barden. I live in Manchester now, but I was raised in Alabama. For the past decade, I have been addicted to gaming. I play on various platforms. I’ve gained so much knowledge in this field that I decided to write about it to help people play games the best way possible.

The gaming industry has evolved over the past years. It is now even bigger than the movie industry. There are lots of platforms where you can play and countless gadgets available to make your gaming experience better. I am always reading about gaming and there is no news on gaming that will not pass my radar.

I have tried everything and I love trying out new things. I can recommend you the best games and tell you about the worst ones. I can suggest you which gadgets to buy. Even the publishers send me games to write reviews about them. In this blog, you will find very important information on gaming. In fact, you can consider this blog as your guide to gaming. Hope you like reading the blog.